Here at casavacanzeilcorno.com we offer a large variety of tents and marquees with all sorts of varying sizes. We’re equipped with a plentiful selection of Tents and Marquee available to suit anyone’s needs. With our highly rated services, we are slowly but surely making our way towards being one of the leading tent suppliers in South Africa. We also manufacture aluminium windows in Durban that are used on our aluminium tents.  


casavacanzeilcorno.com is a South African manufacturer & supplier of tents like marquees, frame tents, stretch tents, pagoda tents, wedding tents, alpine tents, party tents, church tents, peg & pole tents, aluminum tents, military tents, canvas tents, also mobile chillers and mobile freezers.

Peg and pole tents

Peg and pole tents are specially designed to suit the needs of garden weddings and large events. They are especially good for corporate events as they leave a rather professional impression. Other proficiencies include ease of setup and weather versatility.

Aluminium Tents

Aluminium tents are most likely the most elegant choice, next to wedding tents. They are also most ideal for long term use. Also a significant pro to these tents is that they can be erected on any surface without inflicting damage.

Pagoda tents

They are made of a durable sidewalls and a roof canvas. The tent forms a great asylum that is both fire resistant and waterproof. Its’ zip entrance doors allow for versatility during functions. They provide events with a feeling of virtue and are quite appealing to the eye.

Stretch Tents

Stretch tents are certainly one of our most durable choice to go with. Along with their durability, the pros of acquiring a stretch tent include: shaping them any way you can imagine, they’re easy and fast to set up and they are certainly of the prettier spectre of party tents

Frame Tents

Frame tents are very versatile when it comes to organizing events. They are specially designed with no centre poles and with lots of space underneath, perfectly fitting you table and chair arrangement. They are very well suited for both big and small events. We use the highest quality of Aluminium – Supplied by Sanvic Aluminium Windows and Doors

Mobile Chillers and mobile freezers

We also manufacture mobile freezer rooms and mobile cold rooms. Our freezer rooms and mobile chillers are durable and made with insulated panels of highest quality which are surround a steel chassis containing a condenser unit and blower of high quality.


Why we are the best

We are the best because our value added service is of great quality and affordability. We provide services to both average consumers and businesses alike. We pride ourselves on investing the maximum amount of effort to provide you with the best tents and marquees at the lowest price point imaginable.


Our Articles

Our articles are written to provide you, the consumer, with all the necessary details needed for a successful tent purchase. We hope that these guiding words will ease your process of choosing the perfect type of tent just right for you.