The usefulness of emergency shelters

It’s no secret that the world we live in has gotten a lot more hectic as of late. Every day we’re prone to all sorts of natural disasters which, more often than not, require swift action to deal with. This is where emergency shelters kick in to save you from the elements! The first step they need to cover is providing some sort of sturdy and robust covering. A covering like this really makes a difference when protecting refugees or the homeless from the harsh environments that might surround them. This type of covering is exactly what our military tents have sought to provide! Their military-grade covers make them ideal for any climate (being that they’re dustproof, waterproof and highly stretchable).

It’s important to think ahead and ready yourself in case a flash flood, landslide or hurricane happens to rid you of your regular living quarters. This is where military tents kick in to provide you with the adequate protection from the elements, that you so desperately might need. Being properly prepared for such an event is key to overcoming it successfully. Further down this post, we listed a few innovative designs that are tailor made to deal with such events.

Bubble house

bubble houseOne of the most interesting designs in emergency sheltering is definitely the portable bubble house. This two cubic meter safe haven is made from a lightweight plastic cover that manages to cling on to a drop-down aluminum frame. It is designed having temperature control in mind by having insulating walls that are hollow and can be filled with any desired material (or lack of). This small apocalyptic shelter also manages to pack a small kitchen, along with a water hook-up, lighting and laundry.

Continuing with the trend of quick and easy weird shapes, we introduce you to the accordion recover shelter. It comes in a fun little shape that’s capable of providing shelter to a family of four for up to a month. When in its collapsed state it resembles the letter “U”, but within mere minutes it can fold out to a number of impressive and mesmerizing shapes that all depend on the model of the shelter. It is clever in a way where the ridges of the roof can easily be used to preserve rainwater in case of emergency. It truly is a remarkable feat of human engineering.

For a simpler and an equally, if not more, reliable solution, make sure to look into our military tents. They provide an excellent amount of utility paired with protection.