How to successfully plan an event

Organizing an outstanding community event that goes exactly as you planned heavily relies on a few crucial steps: Great venue or location that’s easy to access, proper budget management and great communication. The single, most basic step you need to take is realizing what the community event looks to achieve – is it a fund raiser, a fun little (or big) get-together or something that can leave a positive long lasting impact on the community? For hosting any of those kinds of events, you easily look at what we have to offer, and just as easily choose the perfect tent or marquee for you! Further down the post you’ll learn how exactly to make this ideal community event a reality.

The first step towards party enlightenment is establishing you budget. Make sure to draw hard lines on the exact size of your budget. Now, it’s perfectly normal to come up with estimates, but try to keep those estimates as least rough as possible. It’s important to have a clear vision of what is the least and most amount of money you’re willing to spend on organizing this event. The key for a well balanced budget lies in prioritizing your needs. Put an emphasis on areas where you’re willing to spare any dime, and recognize where you can afford to cut back a little. If it’s a profitable event, look into the source of revenue such as entrance fees, advertising, food stalls, etc.

Spread the word

snSpread the word by properly advertising your event. Although slightly outdated, fliers can be a great way to reach more people. Of course none of that flies (no pun intended) if you didn’t advertise the even on social media. The game changed from 50 years ago, and now it’s of big importance to get your message across social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and others.

Don’t be naive and think of the potential risk that hosting such an event might bring. These include attracting troublesome characters, thieves or even community counsels that are looking forward to shutting your even down if they decided it has become too big for their taste. Take a simple approach to the whole ordeal. If it’s a private party of some sorts, make sure your news/invitation outlet is made private (such as secret Facebook groups). These precautions will most likely save you from unwanted guests. If income is deemed necessary, rather than ticketing event as people to donate to it – this may save you from a penalty due to lack of license.

Have an organized team

Lastly, have an organized team that will help you plan and execute an event of any magnitude and scale. Having to rely on people you can trust will ease the whole process tenfold! But be careful who you pick, because having a team that consists of big personalities can prove to be more work than the actual event. Give out roles and ensure that everyone in the team understands their role fully. If needed, you can even divide the groups into smaller ones with each having their own individual leader.